December 13, 2009


are you ready for color overload?  fruit overload?  although there a few veggies...

bought one of these brussel sprout stalks....just beautiful!

and then there were these!!  i bought a nice bundle...and it sent me straight through the citrus roof!  these were the best mandarins i've ever had.  amazing sweetness and juice, color, ease to peel (of course) and leaves still attached for esthetic value.  i only wish i'd bought more!

this grocer carries everything you can imagine.  there must've been 18 different types of apples alone!  i know, right!?  then there were the huge arrays of beets, beans, potatoes, berries, greens, grains, bananas and oranges!  it's just crazy.  i will dream about the berkeley bowl for the rest of my life.

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