December 3, 2009


can i say how much i love that my husband is using my sewing machine lately?  he put a little tongue action in there for my benefit.  he and his friend scott always stuck their tongues out when focused.  cracks me up.  stephen is sewing something for his mama for christmas.  how cute is that?  i'll show what he's making after she gets it, sorry folks.  that means a while 4 weeks still.  but i will show it!


  1. I can hardly wait to see it! Awesome!

  2. So Cute -- when I first got my machine -- Jeb liked to help too - One of brayden's baby quilts have lots of "mistake" - err - I mean LOVE to it - because my cute hubby helped:)

    Can't wait to see whats your's is making!! So fun!

  3. That's funny. Taylor does some weird tongue thing when he's concentrating too.