December 11, 2009

garden update

as you can see, my cucumbers are doing quite well!  i can't believe how fast they're growing.  every time i stop by to check on the garden or water it, i'm amazed at how different the cucumbers (i now call cucies....pronounced "coo-keys") are.  can't wait to have those in my salads and mouth!

corn!!  it's time to move the corn farther apart, but i'm scared.  yes, you read right.  i'm afraid i'll ruin the whole operation.  plus the other thing i'm concerned about is the pollination.  i did see some other corn stalks in another garden nearby, and i'm hoping that will help.  eek!

as you can see, my pumpkin plant is flourishing, despite the new residence of a gopher.  hopefully we can keep it that way!

then there's my beautiful first sprout from my zucchini plant...yay!!!!!!!!  took for-EVER.  okay, maybe i'm not the most patient either.

and then there's my romaine lettuce plant.  hip hip hooray!!  why do i get such a kick out of growing something?  i don't know, but please pinch me before i get too excited.


and my neighbor's lone apple on their tree.  i didn't realize it was an apple tree until i saw this little darling start to grow.  so i water their plant for them, so what?  they're never there.  they left her all alone to fend for herself.  so i've been cuidar-ing her (a spanglish way of saying "i'm taking care of her").

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