December 8, 2009

these keys

what to do?  what to do? 

these poor keys.  the are in need of some real tlc.  but i will never fix them.  nope!  nev-ah!  (insert evil laugh)  i love quirks.  i love quirky people, quirky things.  this is my reason.  i think it gives my piano some character, although i admit to not feeling that way about the piano keys a few years ago when they got even more chipped.  if it happens to scare away possible piano students, so-be-it.  i heart my piano.  i will dust them, i will cover them properly when not being used, i will play them over and over...but i will not replace them.  could be a metaphor for life....maybe?

1 comment:

  1. My parents piano has keys like that and i love them too. Think of all the fingers that have played on them and all the history. Love it.