April 14, 2010

a perfect beginning

not long after flying into san francisco, i found myself tasting all kinds of delicious fresh fruit & vegetables at the ferry building marketplace on saturday.  it was the perfect start to my next few days in the bay area.  i just can't get enough of it!  i'm starting to think i might need to move up there, just for the food!  not to mention the greenery all around.  rain makes a difference people!

so at the ferry building right on the bay, there is a wonderful and huge farmer's market every saturday.  i'm really wishing that i could beam myself up there each saturday morning.  it would only be too perfect.  but since i can't do that, i'll go to trader joes and pretend.  uh-huh.  yeah.  at this farmer's market are all kinds of goodies, ranging from fruit & vegetables, italian donuts, yogurt to chilaquiles, bbq'd pork and all kinds of jam.  it was heaven to taste any and everything my eye could behold.
this is the inside of the ferry building near the beginning of the morning.  as you can see, it has very few people.  later in the morning it is just ridiculous trying to get around in here.  there are several fun little shops and stores, with food and artistic things to look at.

it's times like these when i wish my wallet were as deep as my love for food and things related to it.  not to mention the beautiful flowers that were here and there.  these lilacs were just beautiful!  there were loads of them.

just outside the ferry building are vendors spread all about selling their respective items.  so you buy some chilaquiles and sit down and eat while enjoying the view.  what a view!  and you're surrounded by other san franciscans enjoying the same.  it's lovely.

hey, look!  there's some...it's alice, shirley and julie!
breakfast....first item on the menu.  it was just what the stomach ordered, along with some freshly made strawberry lemonade.  it was perfect!  even with raindrops coming down, we couldn't be deterred.  and boy was it worth it.  i would highly recommend meandering on over there if you are within 100 miles on saturday!  


  1. brooke your photos are super fabulous!

  2. Love the pics! Can I get a copies of the ones of me and Nina and of Me +Julie + Shirley? Hope to see you soon!!!

  3. Sounds like lots of fun for you and your tummy! :)