May 12, 2010

my may list

so here are some things that i've got on my list this month:

  • eat breakfast here with someone i like
  • get in my suit and lounge at this lovely place with the bubbles for some nice pre-summer sun
  • keep listening to catherine
  • be a better mom (details not included)
  • buy and plant those beauties 
  • spring cleaning, particularly making it possible that we see through our windows
  • continue to apply this to my skin 24~7 so that i don't get eaten alive.  i guess i can't help that i'm that likeable!
  • prepare to run that again.  oh my.
  • save up my money so that i will start wearing jewelry again, but only if it's hers.

yes, it's a small, but quaint list.  i hope you enjoy it!

who wants breakfast?


  1. 1-Yum
    2-I want to go there...maybe in 8 weeks or so.
    3-cute video
    4-um, sign me up, I need to be better too
    5-very pretty, someday I'll have the mobility to plant something that pretty
    6-ah spring, time to clean
    7-thankfully I'm not that likeable
    8-so glad I'm not running that again right now!
    9-cute, cute stuff

  2. what a great idea! love you!