May 11, 2010

por update!

a few weeks ago the girls and i meandered on over to the poor, deprived garden.  i really didn't expect to see anything good.  stephen had dropped by on his way home from school one day and informed me that all was dead.  we just had so much rain (for san diego, that is) over the past few months, and we didn't have a chance to go and manage all that had happened.  the thing is...husband's just don't "look" very good.  they don't.  it drives me nuts.  i could write a book about it, really.  maybe some day!

anyway...we entered the garden to see two lettuce plants that were as tall as chloe and dead corn plants.  buuuuuut......we did find some friends!  including one beautiful green onion plant, two carrots, three large zucchini plants and a small pumpkin....all of which we brought home with us that day.  i was very pleased.  our garden resident, mr. gopher, had a few nibbles of the pumpkin, but overall it still grew perfectly and was beautiful.  it's motivating me to plant more, since i'm having success at all.
things are finally blooming around my front door too.  my jasmine plant will smell heavenly this summer each time i walk up to my door.  i'm so excited.  it helps relieve my stresses when i smell something so lovely. 

my sweet peas looked like this only 5 days ago...
...and yesterday, like this!  things are looking promising!

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