July 29, 2010


so i finally get over to our garden the other day.  everything is dead.  not just dead, it's overly dead.  yes, i think that's possible.  i watered everything to soften it to make it easier to weed, then proceeded to weed for about an hour.  got a lot done.  lovely!

then i muster up the energy (and the girls) and head over there this morning around 8:30am.  i'm trying to turn the water on, but seem to be having problems.  the faucet wasn't working.  so i mess as much as i can with it.  still no dough.  so i meander on over to another faucet.  no help.  i go to yet another one...nothing.

at this point, i'm getting ticked off.  i thought maybe the garden police came and turned off our water or something.  eventually, after wasting 40 minutes trying to figure it all out, i call maintenance for the complex and ask them if the main water has been turned off.  (a-ha!  now the wheels in my head are finally starting to turn a little)  indeed the water was turned off.  great. 

so much for gardening today.

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