November 29, 2009

apple pie, part dos

thanks for tuning back in!  good to see ya!  now comes the part that actually makes the pie yummy, in my opinion.  that includes sugar!, cinnamon and nutmeg.  oh yum.  throw all ingredients into the apple bowl and mix until beautiful and shiny.

look at that, would ya?  i'm telling you, it's always tempting to just eat it right there and then; although you would surely notice a difference in taste and texture later.

next?  the real kicker....butt-ah!  dots of it everywhere!

then, just as martha does, layer flowers and turkey pie crust over the top.

ask the cute little girl nearby to apply the egg wash.  she'll do a great job, just like this one did!  if you have no cute little girl nearby, we're taking orders.  she travels!

love it, bake it and then?  eat it please!  fresh out would be ideal, but let's face it, that just doesn't happen, does it?  not most the time.  so re-heat, if you must.

continue on to make your pumpkin pies, mixing such beautiful colors like these.  can't get much more like fall than that- at least, not in a bowl.  (just smile)

pies = happy brooke