November 28, 2009

apple pie, part uno

i was in charge of the pies this year for thanksgiving.  i made the two that i love the most, apple and pumpkin pies.  oh me, oh my, oh dinosaur!  so here's the apple pie in the making:

to peel

(what?  so i love rounding the edges)

then they'll look like this, just beautiful.  next....core the apples (paying no attention to how dry my hands are.  i should've photoshopped lotion on them.  ha!  can you do that?) ...

...ask your daughter to make sure the apples are peek-worthy.  check!

put peelings in compost.

chop into fine slices.  don't forget to eat a few.

cut out pie crust designs for the top of the pie.

continued in part dos.

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