November 12, 2009

satch & sol giveaway!

sorry to get your hopes up about those cute mocassin slippers, but those are for me.  well, not me, but for my girls.  they fit perfectly too!  susan, over at satch & sol, knew exactly which size to send over.  i applaud her products and her service to me in figuring it all out. 

so what is the giveaway, you ask?  peek downward...

...yes, those.  are they not the most adorable mittens you've ever set your eyes on?  i'm sure they are!  satch & sol has been so generous to allow me to host a giveaway of these mittens.  i admit to being tempted to keeping them for myself; don't worry though - i'll be good.

so, you can do one or more of the following to win the precious mittens:

a.  leave a comment on this post! 
(be sure to leave your email)
b.  link back to lovelycositas (blog about it)

c.  post this giveaway on your facebook page
d.  tweet it

*for each way you choose to spread the good word about the giveaway, will give you an extra entry toward winning the sweet mittens ready, set....go!!!

i'll close comments and entries by 9pm PST on sunday....winner to be announced monday morning!


Comments closed!  The randomly selected winner is:    "me!!!! i want to win!!"  Posted by Nina

congratulations to nina!  and thank you satch & sol!