November 17, 2009

garden update

we mosied on over to the garden plot yesterday after picking the girls up from school, and just look at what we saw!!  that's right!  seedlings sprouts!  i was beyond excited, because 2 days ago there was still just soil.  this plant in particular that had sprouted was our cucumbers.  i'm so excited to add them to my salads...whenever that may end up being.  but who cares?  i'm just glad that they're there.

so we watered the certain areas that needed it and got a little muddy...

...and got even more excited about the small progress my pumpkin plant makes each time we visit. 

a small p.s. to this post; does anyone know what plant this is?  i thought i had weeded it all out, but over the past few weeks it has grown back in.  it's something that the previous garden tenants had planted, and it's not ugly by any means, but i'm not sure what it is.  and i'd like to know.  help!

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  1. I am not Heather, I'm Kai.
    Because you weeded it it is likely growing back from a tuber or other underground bulb. Since it is growing with several shoots it is likely a vine of some kind. My guess is a sweet potato. There are many varieties. Some are edible and my guess is that yours is edible if someone planted it in a garden. If you dig down 6 inches or so you should find a large potato looking tuber. It is likley the typical purple/red sweet potato.