November 18, 2009

cinnamon settlers

this is jack.  jack is a jack of trades, one of which is baking.  who'd have known?

he makes cinnamon rolls among other things, but we were lucky enough to be the recipients the other night of his small masterpieces.  can you say, sugary deliciousness?  mmm...i can.  and did.  and hope to again.

inbetween cinnamon roll duties we played this...

...and wound up with those.  directions:

1.  place cinnamon roll on napkin/plate
2.  with your thumb and forefingers, pick it apart a bit at a time
 (or shovel through like i do)
3.  sip some hot chocolate every 2 bites
4.  continue to scarf until gone
 (while keeping an eye on the next one you'll eat)
5.  sip your hot chocolate, yet again.
6.  repeat.

pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
promptly afterwards, crash on the couch.


  1. We love settlers we even have an expansion pack. Have you ever played Ticket to Ride? I think I like that one even more, and Pirate's Cove is pretty fun too. Mike would devour those cinnamon rolls. Great photos again and I love the way you're edging them. So clean and classy.

  2. Awesome! Wow, great photos too! We LOVE Settlers and the expansions! It would be so fun to play it with you guys sometime!