November 19, 2009

poor thing

my poor sewing machine.  i really do feel so bad for it's mal-treatment.  being that i'm the only that uses sally (what?  so i named her), makes me the mean one.  okay, i'll admit, it's been since halloween that i even pulled her out.  why, you ask?  because of this:

it made me so angry that night.  i was trying to make these for this:      (sorry about the blurry pic)

it ended up working out, but no thanks to sally.  since then i haven't had the decency to put a new needle in.  despite my many desires to do so, i've severely procrastinated any and all sewing projects that i had lined up.  it's sad really, cause the holiday's are coming up and i really should jump back in.  so....

....without further ado, here's sally!

she feels much better now.

to attack:

cheer me on, cause i'm gonna need it!

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  1. Okay, I just love this blog. Great job! I'm itching to sew again too, but I have to keep telling myself that other things take priority. And hopefully I can get myself a sewing table sometime soon (when I have a bigger house)