November 20, 2009

garden update

gardening is so gratifying!  i just adore it.  really.  i can't wait to spend even more hours in my future garden at my future home (whenever that may end up being).  plantlife is just so beautiful and unique and divine.  the genetic make-up of a plant is fascinating to me too.  does that make me a science geek?  cause i never did all that well in science, even though i loved what i was learning.  strange, i know.  i'm not a good test-taker. 

our pumpkin plant continues to grow, inch by inch.  i love that i recognize the spade-shaped main leaf that defines the pumpkin plant so well.  i feel a small sense of accomplishment by having grown it, although it's probably not much.  i'm sure that it will grow like a weed whether i do anything to it, or not.  we shall see!

as you can see, my cucumber plants are thriving and continuing to love me back.  i may have put more than one seed in each hole when planting, resulting in more than one plant growing together...whoops! 

and would ya look at that?  something to show on the first row!  corn!!!  i almost didn't see the sweet little sprouts when i stopped by.  being that i really kept hoping for something, i looked a little closer and i found these two buddies ready to make their big debut.  now here's to hoping for good growing and future pollination!

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