December 18, 2009

gift ideas

number one:  i'm not sure if you'll find this creepy or cute, it could go either way.  but i thought these ties were so cute!  some day when i have my own little man, we'll try adorning him with something like these.  little guy ties sells these on etsy.  check them out!

number two:  i have a thing for turquoise, fake or real.  as long as it looks like it, although i would mostly prefer the real thing.  i think part of why i like it is because my grandma used to wear it a lot.  she lived in new mexico where it's very commonly seen in jewelry.  my mom wore a lot too.  naturally i follow their style sense and desire to wear it.  i'm usually drawn to rings, but these pins are so beautiful and clever.  seen on blue bauble barrettes.

number three:  ceramic items are always catching my eye.  i have no doubt that every person stops to admire an artists creation.  these, in particular, catch my eye.  the color, the design, the functionality of it all.  i'm going through a small "soap dispenser obsession" period in my life.  who knows when it will pass?  hopefully never!  this one is by alethia pottery, a favorite of mine.

jus three ideas for today.  three more tomorrow! all etsy.

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