December 20, 2009

solo tu

(photo by solo)

for you locals out there that enjoy a variety of things at your reach, visit solo.  i found myself wandering through this place in san diego a few years ago.  cedros ave is a famous street in the city for it's artsy influence and artichectural style.  it's a small, short street, but filled with the most quaint and alluring shops to visit.  i stumbled (okay, i was just walking) upon solo on my first visit there and never left.  i am drawn to it's design.  or something.

so as i roam the useless (as i call it tonight) internet pages looking for some really cute notebook dividers, i think of solo.  they have a sweet little array of papers, cards and, sometimes, dividers.  i'm thinking i may have to swing by there tomorrow amidst my other listed items to see what they can offer me; in terms of beautiful design.  i can't help that i have expensive taste.  it would be more thrilling if i could ever purchase anything that i end up adoring.  (sigh)  some. day.  (sigh once more)

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