January 18, 2010

look, it's a photo!

i know, this is amazing.  i'm finally posting my own photos again.  i was having trouble getting my computer to read my memory card.  that is partially why i've not been posting.

but this is what i whipped up the other night.  it's going to be a small doll blanket for chloe's many "babies".  the number grows daily.  she loves wrapping them up in her many blankets, but they're all so big.  so i thought it was about time that i make some doll blankets.  so this is the beginning of the first one. 


  1. Next time I visit San Diego, I should have you teach me how to quilt! That is SO cute, I can't believe you just whipped it up in one night!

  2. I'd love to! It is so much fun. Once you've got the squares cut out, it's cake.