January 15, 2010


i've had the biggest hankering for going thrift store shopping lately.  it's just about killing me that i haven't gone yet.  at first, one thing that was holding me back, was that i didn't know the area very well.  i mean, i know road names and where i am, but i've no idea where the good stores are down here. 

so i'm changing that!  this saturday i'm going!  anyone want to come?  please do...it's always more merrier with others by my side.  i'm thinking i'll go around lunch time, mid-day.

i found this great website with a list of a bunch of thrift stores in all areas of san diego county.  check it out!

who knows what we'll find?  there are all kinds of treasures to be found!

1 comment:

  1. Ooo, I wish I could go! Good luck and find lots of fun treasures!