February 1, 2010

crafts vs. food

lately my life has revolved around food.  not exactly about eating those things that i love and adore (namely, sugar and other naughty-ness), but eating those things which will aid in smalling my waist-line.  that is the goal.  whether it will work is up to me.  and so far, i've been doing really well!  i've even lost four pounds.  not bad for a week and a half. 


you know what happened though?  i stumbled upon my new favorite website.  in reality i shouldn't be clicking over to this site for six more weeks, when my "diet" (i don't like referring to it as a diet, cause i still eat food.  generally diets remind me of not eating anything.  maybe just rice cakes and yogurt.  nonetheless, i'm dieting because i'm refraining from eating most foods that i stuff my mouth full of) ends.  it will end for a short time, before i start back up again.  and by no means am i going to sabotage myself by eating loads of fatty and comforting foods after my "diet" is done.  but yes, i'm going to reward myself, cause...gosh darnit, this is hard!

so you wanna know who's making me doubt my good intentions, just to eat a cupcake?  it's her fault!!! 

she is good.


  1. don't do it! LOL. Being skinny and happy and confident is worth not eating a stinkin' cupcake. Well, that's easy for me to say right? Because I hate cupcakes. You just try and take away my cheese or peanut butter and I'll kill you =)
    Keep your eye on the goal!!!!

  2. ps. that blog has beautiful photos!