February 3, 2010

garden update

i know, it's been a bit since i showed our garden.  it's really quite sad, because we haven't been able to spend as much time there.  the holiday's had us all over san diego's christendom visiting and being happy.  our garden was indeed neglected.  and i'm also not as happy to report that when i stopped by yesterday after picking up the girls from school, that a forest had grown in our absence.  seriously, a crazy mini-forest.  i had just weeded it all away a few weeks prior.  in vain.  i know, i know...two weeks prior.  but come on!  i'm not even going to show a picture of the small rainforest in our walking area and surrounding our zucchini plants.  it's just sad.  the garden protective services would surely have been called already, had they existed.

the good news?  oh, oh....we are actually growing things!  not a lot of them, but we have grown some lettuce (as seen above).  isn't it beautiful?  i'm praying the neighboring gophers don't decide that they want it for dinner before i do.  it's mine!

and then, after all the rain that dumped on so-cal last month, our carrots finally took flight!  there are several that are growing with zest.  i even pulled one up prematurely, just out of pure excitement.  it was part of dinner!  the whole one bite of it!  but still! 
our corn is doing suprisingly well.  i really hope that it continues on it's path of growth.  i'm nervous for it though.  i'm gonna give it all the love i can, cause most plants hit a point, later down the road, where it stalls...and then dies. 

the cucumbers are lookin' good!  the leaves are turning a little yellow, which have yet to investigate.  i hope it isn't a horrible thing that can't be reversed.  after all, i'm new to this gardening thing.

our mandarin tree is blossoming some cute little flower buds.  it's confused, you see.  it thinks that spring has rolled around, cause it doesn't really get cold in san diego.  after all the rain, it warmed up (a teensy bit) and made all the plants think that it's spring. 

my pumpkin plants aren't having any problems whatsoever.  i think it would be hard to not have one thrive.  they're like weeds.  they just grow and grow.  same with the zucchini.  but that thrills me to no end!  i just love anything with pumpkin or zucchini in it!!
chloe showing me a leaf she plucked off our mandarin tree.  thanks chloe.  her hair-line boo-boo is looking better, although better doesn't mean great.  it still looks gross, if you ask me.  poor thing.  she ran straight down the grassy hill next to our apartment building, and fell, forehead first into the stucco building.  ouch!
gosh, i love growing things.  brings such a nice peace to my mind and body.


  1. I love gardening too. One of my most favorite things that I don't get to do nearly enough of =) good job!

  2. wow, we're expecting snow most of the weekend. it finally warmed up to about 40 degrees today, so we went outside for a half hour, before the clouds moved in and the wind returned... crazy that you can be gardening!!!

    i'll send you some pictures of midwest weeds (bushes?) around june...

  3. Awesome! And OWWWW to Chloe's head hurt!!