February 9, 2010

let's move!

i was very affected by a few articles (one in particular) that i read today while at work.  both regarding childhood obesity.  this subject is one that is on my mind a lot lately.  working in an elementary school i see students who are struggling with this.  i'm sure it will be a life-long struggle for some of them.  i would like to make a difference.  and starting now, i'm going to try. 

the first lady, michelle obama, is tackling this subject head-on as well.  there is a government website called, let's move, where you can order supplies for preschools, elementary schools and middle schools that will help in the education of children regarding healthy eating and living.  i ordered a ton today for my school and some for myself at home to teach my own children. 

even in my own home i've found myself saying certain things that could contribute to future unhealthy eating lifestyles, if not changed.  it has been difficult for myself even.  it's a constant challenge to eat those foods that are good for my body.  i can't help but crave french fries, decadent chocolate desserts and hamburgers.  they sure are yummy, but don't do much for my body.  one of my girls has always been a little "chunky" (one of the terms that some parents use as an excuse to ignore their child's growing obesity), and i'm always trying to be careful that i don't indulge her every request for yummy foods.  instead i'm trying to make the yummy foods for her, to also be the healthy ones.  it is possible.  please don't take any of this the wrong way.  i'm not saying my child is or will be obese.  but if i'm going to make a difference around me in my community, i think starting in my own home is a great place to start.  especially with myself.  i'm the example to my children.  even to my spouse at times. 

this is important.

so i'm also going to attach some growth charts (boy and girl) that i found in the article linked to above.  this is a good thing to do in your own home to have for your own records.  your doctor shouldn't be the only one in charge of your child's health, after all.

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  1. Well done Brooke. I love your blog and your garden:)