March 5, 2010

i know, you can't believe your eyes!

and i don't mean that in the way of my sewing work being sooo amazing!  i mean- it's been way, way too long since i posted anything, right?  i know.  you've no idea what my life has been like lately.  and you don't need to fact, it's better if you don't know.  

the good news?  i've finally sat my bum down on a dark cherry wood, wooden table chair and sewed a few straight lines.  this ended up looking pretty cute, i think.  i usually only use placemats when we have dinner (or lunch on sundays) guests.  i decided to make some for just every day use.  it'll make eating a happier experience if i can look down at some nice bright colors to cheer me up.  not that i'll need so much cheering up, but because i like to be happy.  you do too!  maybe you should make some too.  

bon appetit! (thanks julia!)

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