March 17, 2010

garden life

i've been considering (very strongly) growing hydrangeas in my garden this early summer.  i've been reading a little bit about them this morning.  here's a great hydrangea website that I found.  i appreciate their careful explanations for how and when to do things, to aide my weak gardening thumbs.  i'm learning. 

 i also just read about martha stewart's 1990's coming-out of her love for hydrangeas.  she has some interesting historical backround about them and how to care for them.  it's not as helpful as the first site i mentioned, though.  apparently the woman has a serious thang for them.  can't say i blame her. 

my garden needs some hydrangeas...preferably the blue, which means my soil needs to be more acidic in order for that to happen.  here's to hopin'!  i suppose i could test the ph of my soil, but i'd rather just see what colors they turn out.  if they're more pink-ish, your soil is more alkaline.

next on my list to learn:  tulips!  my other fav!

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totally random gardening tip of the day:

  • if your plants start to develop powdery mildew (a white/gray powdery fungal disease) on it's leaves, you can make a homemade fungicide.  Here's a quick recipe:  1 T. baking soda, 1 T. horticultural oil (or 1/2 tsp. liquid soap- per another recipe I found) and 1 gallon of water.  it did stress, however, to not spray on the leaves during extreme heat (90 deg F or higher).

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