March 18, 2010

garden update and harvest!

a bee visits our huge head of lettuce.  we actually pulled this one out and ate some for dinner last night.  twas wonderful!  i'm amazed at how easily it grew.  i'm also amazed that the gopher wasn't interested in eating it.  he frequently visits the pumpkin and takes a nibble. 

then there's the carrots!  yay!!!  they turned out to be so awesome.  after planting them, we didn't see much growth at first.  it took a long time.  but then, as the green started showing, we noticed that there were indeed quite a few making progress.  they say you should pull it when the diameter from above is about an inch.  this is about an inch and a half.  we probably should've pulled them out earlier, but we didn't really find that information til yesterday.

below are the action photos of stephen pulling a carrot out.


i don't know why it was so amazing to me that a real carrot came out of the ground....where we planted it.  it's not like i didn't expect there to be anything underneath all that greenery.  i could plainly see the bits of orange around the soil.  it's just that i usually kill things, not grow them!  i got so excited.  i made everyone smell it immediately.  "see?  it even smells like a carrot!"  we ate them for dinner last night too!

sienna's cute stubby toes, as she watched the carrot harvesting.

we even had a freaky carrot fingery one.  it was a three-in-one carrot.  i really liked it!  i'm guessing this was a result of putting more than one seed in one hole.  even though that's what the directions said, i promptly ignored it.  i figured that not all the seeds would survive, so why not up our chances?  i've learned my lesson.

more to come!

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