April 27, 2010

new favorite!

it was a tough decision to share this with others.  when i really love something at first, i tend to hoard it to myself.  i don't want to share it.  but, as much as i love this site, i felt that the greater good was to share it. 

there.  aren't you proud of me?  i shared!!  i didn't even hoard it more than 24 hours.  this is a big step!  ok, maybe i'm making myself sound like a totally selfish meanie.  but i'm not!  (i'm pretty sure i'm not...corrections?)  just try not to buy everything at once!  i had to seriously resist.  pictured are a few of my favorites that terrain offers.  i was thinking along the lines of mothers day, perhaps? 

cutest earrings!  my ears might actually let me wear them!

honey derived from fruit plants (namely: blueberry, raspberry, cranberry and orange blossom).
can you say butter and bread too, please?

this one i actually bought.  for whom?  not telling!

i admit to "needing" this.  i know just where it could go!

cow glass?  check!  cookie?  check!

a french tiered plant stand.  oh, how i long for a home to put stuff like this!  one thing at a time, brooke.
one thing at a time.  {sigh}

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