April 26, 2010

wheat cracker

this.....is my wheat grinder.  it was my mother's before it was mine.  it works!  our first encounter left me feeling distraught and sad.  i cleaned it, i loved it and tried grinding some red hard wheat.  the outcome was nothing but somewhat sanded wheat grain.  so i set it out of the way, where i was trying to figure out what to do with it.  i was convinced that is just didn't work.  

then my genius cousin (and pro wheat grinder), kiersten, came over to teach me how to make pretty sounds on my new violin.  she saw my grinder, and i immediately went into how much i tried to use it.  as i'm doing so, she goes over and tightens the knob.  uh. huh.  that's exactly how dumb i felt.  cause really, i had twisted the knob...i had!  i swear.  just not so that the grinding stones were close enough.  hey now, it's my first wheat grinder.  a little understanding!  thanks. 

so now, i'm happy.  it most certainly gives me the prettiest wheat.  i'll have to show you later, when it's not way past my bedtime, with no good light to take a picture of it.  i'll get one tomorrow (come on, memory!  don't fail me now!) after work.  then i'll show ya!

so, what i want to know is....what experiences have you had (or hope you will have) with your wheat grinder?  what awesome recipes would you like to share with me...that you have made due to your cute little grinder?  what terrific horror stories would you like to share?  i'm all ears!


  1. That looks just like I remember my Mom's old wheat grinder looked. Once, she ground up a mouse who had climbed into it unknown to her. I remember waking up to her screams.
    Anyway... I love my wheat grinder. Whenever I grind, I grind a lot and put it in large Ziploc bags in the freezer to stay fresh. I use whole wheat in my cookies, breads, muffins, and all baked goods. Sometimes I do 100% whole wheat, other times I do half and half.

  2. I need to use whole wheat more. I should grind up a bunch and stick it in the freezer. Next time...I did make bread yesterday, though.

    I'm so proud of you for getting it to work! Have fun with it!