October 19, 2010

feelin' the crafty craving

it's true that lately i've been far from my crafty self.  that is, the side of me that likes to be crafty, not that i actually am or anything!  it's like i'm pregnant, and nesting....only i'm neither.  tricky, isn't it?  

so i just want to make tons of things.  i have no shortage of resources either.  you should see my craft/sewing closet.  it's quite ridiculous.  i just keep accumulating more and more fabric and ideas.  i have followed through with NONE of it.  i'm thinking that i need to take one less class next semester so that i can get this serious urge to make something out!  

so excuse the blurry, borrowed photo above, but i had to share this amazingly cute book that i found at bookstar tonight.  nina and i were there tonight, sipping on starbucks and gawking at cute things.  this one just had cute style written all over it, from the cover of the book to the things to make inside, to the haircut of the adorable author.  i seriously fell in love.  don't be surprised if i have a short bob cut like her the next time you see me.  for real...

anyway, don't also be surprised if you see some of these items being made on this here blog.  not that i bought the book, cause i didn't....yet.  (sneaky smile inserted)

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  1. You followed through quickly on my heat therapy bags, and they were lovely! Did you phograph them? You should have! I say you need a little motivation to 'get your craft on' as Lynn would say... so start gettin' paid for your craftiness. Find a niche, market yourself to said niche, and go for it. You will be fulfilled and have a little cash to boot :)