October 20, 2010

potato stamps

i remember making potato stamps as a child and thinking it was so cool!  how resourceful it is!  we had our weekly babysitting trade today with calvin and graydon, so we thought we'd spice it up and make a halloween craft with our almost-too-soft-to-eat potatoes.  i've had this bag of potatoes eyeing me for a few weeks now.  i've started feeling guilty for not putting them to better use.  garlic mash...here we come tonight!
calvin's such a cutie

sienna showing off the spider stamp and her newest, thin-lipped smile.  hm...

chloe demonstrates how it's done.  rocket science people, rocket science.

they turned out pretty cute.  i did borrow martha's skull template, but the other two are mine.  that's probably pretty obvious though, huh? 

the finished products!  super fun and cute.  we added a few googly eyes here and there, and then magnets to the back to easily attach to the fridge.  we're always proud of homemade artwork around here!